January 27, 2015

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Overview of V-me Programming

V-me’s content entertains, empowers, educates, informs and inspires America’s Latino families. While PBS stations play a prominent role in making V-me relevant to all communities, our service is not a translation or transcription of the PBS national service.  V-me’s  content is a mix of the best of US public television, world-class acquisitions, and original productions.

Public television content premiering to the US Hispanic market will be available through our partnership with Thirteen/WNET, one of America’s largest producers of compelling content, and via collaboration with other public television producers in the US and around the world.

The remaining V-me programming will be a combination of exclusive acquisitions and
V-me’s own originally produced and co-produced content. Many of V-me’s international acquisitions will be U.S. premieres.  Content from non Spanish-language sources is specially adapted and customized through a mix of translation, re-formatting, reversioning, and the insertion of Spanish speaking hosts and guests to help make the programs more culturally relevant to U.S. Latinos.

V-me is a full 24-hour network and does not air rolling blocks.

V-me’s programming is directed by industry veteran Guillermo Sierra and is subject to the direction and oversight of the President and Board. In addition, the network will have a Station Advisory Board composed of representatives of select presenting stations, and a General Advisory Board with business, educational and media leaders from diverse sections of the U.S.

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V-me’s programming will focus in five primary genres:

Children’s Programming
V-me will focus primarily on pre-school viewers. Research has shown that Hispanic parents are eager to communicate with their younger children in Spanish and are looking for more educational Spanish-language programming as a way of maintaining the language and culture. V-me will support parents with top-quality content, augmented with online educational support materials. 

This key genre for V-me will reflect the very high interest among the Hispanic community for content relating to health, parenting, nutrition, travel, food, home improvement, self-improvement, real estate, and more. V-me Lifestyle will entertain while providing something of value to viewers. It will also provide opportunities for audience interaction

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